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Organizing, planning, financial control.
Reducing time and cost by organizing and planning the project.


In order to achieve a satisfactory rate towards the completion of the project in high quality by reducing time and adjusting the budget we apply time schedules and budget adjustments throughout the construction. This way we can guarantee the uniqueness of our firm in being prompt with the projects we undertake and protecting our clients from unnecessary waste of money, delays and construction failure.


Sharing your project needs, dreams and goals. In relation to buildings architecture has to do with planning designing form space and ambience that reflect functional and aesthetic consideration.


The natural environment is at once a hindrance and a help, and the architect seeks both to invite its aid and to repel its attacks.
To make buildings habitable and comfortable, the architect must control the effects of heat, cold, light, air, moisture, and dryness and foresee destructive potentialities such as fire, earthquake, flood, and disease.
The methods of controlling the environment considered here are only the practical aspects of planning. They are treated by the architect within the context of the expressive aspects. The placement and form of buildings in relation to their sites, the distribution of spaces within buildings, and other planning devices are fundamental elements in the aesthetics of architecture.


We also undertake the restoration of old buildings, by respecting tradition and engaging unique ways with respect to style, materials used and ergonomy.


Describes a particular treatment approach and philosophy within the field of architectural conservation and construction in order to achieve the better solution for the property instead rebuilding from the beginning.


When the design decisions have been made constructions follows.
Before we start constructing the project, working drawings and specifications must be prepared.

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